Take the chance to be happy. No worry. Don’t be shy…You’re different and that makes you special. Monotony is out of your life… just be confident in what you are…what you feel…

Nothing is by chance… everything has its meaning. We’ve got signs everywhere… just give yourself that chance to be who you are, be happy and LIVE.


About Adina

motoare, munte, cai, verde, libertate, mare, lacramioare, salbatic, zbor, fotografie, cai, natura, concret, echilibru, teatru, floare de colt, folk, foc de tabara, oameni
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5 Responses to Semne

  1. bau bau:)) says:

    true story !!

  2. Ioan-Liviu says:

    Da…. True. Si se întâmpla f des Pt ca suntem prosti…

  3. copilu omida :d says:

    il stiiiiu ..:d

    so..we should be crazy and live?..ok then :d

  4. Copilu says:

    :) Hey :) Din intamplare am intrat pe blogul tau.. din intamplare mi-a adus amintiri placute..
    Este ora 7 fara 5, imediat plec la munca :) Multumesc!

  5. l'enfant says:

    Servus! Ma bucur ca ti-am putut aduce un zambet de inceput de zi. O zi faina in continuare! :)

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