“You are beautiful!”

Maybe love stays. Maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t. Maybe love arrives exactly when love is supposed to. And love leaves when love must. When love arrives, say, ‘Welcome. Make yourself comfortable’. If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her, turn off the music, listen to the quiet, whisper: ‘Thank you for stopping by.’

Sarah Kay si Phil Kaye


About Adina

motoare, munte, cai, verde, libertate, mare, lacramioare, salbatic, zbor, fotografie, cai, natura, concret, echilibru, teatru, floare de colt, folk, foc de tabara, oameni
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4 Responses to “You are beautiful!”

  1. Marian Vulpe says:

    Fatuca asta e intr-un mare fel. De urmarit, are multe lucrusoare faine de spus ;).

  2. l'enfant says:

    Pai nu e ca si cum nu as fi facut asta azi in loc sa invat pentru maine. :-s

  3. Marian Vulpe says:

    Ai grija, creeaza dependenta ;).

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